OVALM S.L. has been operating since 1986 and is dedicated to serving aboard Airlines and Railway, and welcome to the motivation Hoteleras.Nuestra the chains quality, the design and adaptation to our customers needs ..

We work for all types of companies, whether large or small, no matter the size, and our interest is to help ensure the success of it.
We are committed to understanding your business objectives to fulfill their maximum, for this we present diversity of samples of any product required and we adapt to your needs in terms of design and quantities.

We are in constant contact with domestic mills and East, We offer the ability to introduce any item with specifications applying, both materials and colors, measures, weight,Or ... anything else you suggest. We involve to deliver your orders on time of time you have..

We have office in China with a large team of highly experienced professionals who performs constant monitoring in manufacturing and therefore guarantee the highest quality.

We have warehouses and logistics services in Madrid-Barajas to store, manipulate, control and deliver the goods according to your needs.
Independently, we have another line of Promotional Products and Merchandising.